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Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney – 40 years Experience

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Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney - 40 years Experience

Attorney Jones specializes in the litigation and trial of all types of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. David E. Jones is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell peer review attorney rating criteria, its highest rating. We invite you to further review his qualifications by examining his biography.

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Scales of Justice

Personal Injury Trial Lawyer - For the Plaintiff

Attorney Jones’ past professional experience handling personal injury cases is broad in scope and complexity: from simple automobile accident cases to complex product liability litigation; from cases involving relatively minor physical injuries to many cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. They include: automobile/truck defect and accident cases, construction accident cases, medical malpractice cases, premises defect lawsuits, third-party criminal liability cases, governmental liability/tort claims, 18 wheeler truck collision cases – and many others. Past cases have resulted in significant verdicts or settlements for his clients.

A Law Firm Representing the Under-Represented

From the beginning, Attorney Jones has been dedicated to the ideal of using the civil justice system to help ordinary people who might not otherwise be able to afford counsel — fight wealthy and powerful interests in court.

We have faith in the common sense of ordinary people embodied in the American right to trial by jury. We seek to preserve the fundamental right established by the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution, protecting the right to jury trial in a civil case. We believe the preservation of the right to trial by jury is fundamental to the preservation our democracy.

Accidents can happen without fault, but in other cases injuries are either preventable or caused by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another person or corporation. Civil lawsuits serve an important function in our society by holding wrongdoers accountable and providing fair compensation to the wrongfully injured. We believe that lawsuits also play a significant deterrent role in preventing future suffering at the hands of reckless individuals or corporations.

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What to Expect in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury law is the mechanism for determining who is legally responsible if a personal injury occurs, and what the responsible person should have to pay for the damage caused. The laws covering personal injury allow the injured party to receive compensation for damages caused by someone else’s carelessness, negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, there are several things you can do to help yourself. First of all, make sure that you seek proper medical attention and that you follow up with the proper authorities and your own insurance company. If you believe your injury was caused by the carelessness or intentional act of another, you may want to contact an attorney to discuss what happened. You should call as soon as it is convenient to do so and avoid discussing the matter with strangers and/or insurance representatives who are not from your own insurance company. You should be cooperative with the police, your own treating physicians, and your own insurance company. Most personal injury cases are covered by a “statute of limitations,” which means you only have a certain period of time in which you can file a lawsuit and thereafter your claim may be barred as a matter of law. You should obtain legal advice about the applicable statute of limitations as soon as possible.

Attorney’s Fees

For personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance claim cases, we always work on a contingent fee basis—our attorney’s fee is paid as a percentage out of the total amount recovered, but only if we succeed in obtaining a financial recovery. We advance the costs of pursuing the case, and are reimbursed for out-of pocket expenses, such as court filing and expert witness fees, only if the case is successful. The client pays no money up front.

Contact Information

If you would like to discuss a potential case please call our office at 214-206-1477, or send an email. Initial case review and consultation is free.

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